Covid and Me

It’s been almost 5 weeks now since I experienced Covid, and I thought I would tell my story.

It all started on January 21st when I began to feel unwell during the evening. I felt very hot and started to get a persistent cough. I said to myself that I’d go to bed, and see how I felt in the morning. The next morning, I felt worse, so just to be safe I ordered a Covid-19 testing kit, and it was then I had begun 10 days of self-isolation. When it arrived the next day, I took it. The worst bit was sticking the swab up my nose, swabbing my tonsils wasn’t that bad to be honest. The worst bit about the entire test was building the box to send it off in. It was like an episode of The Krypton Factor! 15 minutes later, and the box was built and off my test went.

I spent most of that weekend in bed trying to sleep as I didn’t get much over the first couple of days, although I had managed to do some housework at one point. As the days went on, I lost my sense of taste and smell, and was generally feeling rotten.

The test result was pinged to my phone on Wednesday 27th January at 1am.

It was positive.

I was scared, I’ll happily admit that. I was worried that I was going to get worse and end up in hospital, but luckily over the next few days, my temperature came down, and I felt less lousy.

10 days of self-isolation went rather quickly. I was quite lucky that I had plenty of things to keep me occupied, and my father and brother were on hand to do any shopping that I needed (which to be honest wasn’t a lot, as my appetite had disappeared).

I came out of isolation on February 1st with cautious optimism. I still wasn’t feeling 100%, but I was well enough to go outside and attempt a slow walk through the village. To start with, I took things at a slow and steady pace, just walking to the end of the road and back, but as I started to get used to being out, I started going further. It was great to see so many familiar faces out and about, all asking how I was, and wishing me well. A few people took the piss and asked me if I had “the lurgy” which wasn’t helpful, but every village has to have an idiot…

Anyway, I’ve almost fully recovered and returned to some kind of normality. The only issue I have at the moment is that I’m very tired. Most days I’ve been going to bed at 4pm, and waking up at 3am. In recent days, my sleep patterns have improved, but I’ve just got to go with the flow on that one.

What have I learned from all of this?

  • My bed is my best friend. I was lucky to be able to spend most of my isolation in bed resting up. If you do have to spend time in bed, make sure you’ve got some entertainment, as it can get very boring.
  • Wine gums and fruit pastilles are perfect if you lose your sense of taste and smell. These were the only thing I could taste during my illness. I went through a bag of wine gums every day.
  • Not to listen to all the advice my “friends” have “forced” upon me. I cannot stress this bit of advice enough. Don’t listen to what people are saying on social media. I took all my advice from the NHS who were so helpful giving me advice and tips on how to get through this. Also, note that if you test positive, you’ll be called everyday by the NHS Track and Trace, so make sure you’re self isolating and following the rules.
  • The loneliness is terrible. Not having anyone to talk to was the hardest part of all this. I was lucky to be able to communicate with the outside world through social media, but not speaking to anyone face-to-face was so difficult.

Oh, and I haven’t been offered the vaccine yet. When I am offered it, I will take it without any hesitation.

With the announcement that lockdown “should” be eased by June, everyone’s pissing their pants in excitement. “OMG I CAN GIT A HAIRCUT” “YAY I’M GOING TO DA PUB AND GETTING PISSED”

Get tae fuck.

I’m not going to be rushing back into the pub once they reopen. I’m not going to be getting a haircut when hairdressers reopen (what hair?) I’m going to take it very cautiously, and just wait until things have calmed down before returning to normality.

I can’t stress this enough though: maintain social distancing, sanitize your hands and WEAR YOUR MASK (unless you’re exempt).

I don’t wish this on anyone at all, so do your bit, and together we’ll be OK.