A new life.

Since the last blog post, a lot has changed.

I had been feeling rough for a while after my Covid diagnosis back in January. At first I thought, OK this is long Covid, and it’ll pass in time. However, three weeks ago I decided that enough was enough and I phoned the doctor. They recommend I get blood tests and do a couple of samples to see what the problem may be.

I’m not the best person when it comes to needles. I’m 36 years old and I still ask the nurse performing the tests to do a countdown so I’m prepared for when the needle goes in. Yep, I’m a wimp.

Anyway, blood tests done, and the results are in the next day. I phone the doctor to arrange an appointment to review them. Can’t get an appointment for a week. “Don’t worry, if it was urgent, they’d have called you” the receptionist says.

A week later, I get the results. It turns out I have type 2 diabetes. I think you’ll find that’s pretty urgent.

At first, I was shocked. You would be with life-changing news like this. Then I realised, I had brought this on myself. I’m overweight, I like a beer and a burger every now and then. I’m not a lazy slob though, I average about 25 miles of walking a week, so I do keep active.

More blood tests are ordered, and I’m put on Folic Acid tablets (1 a day) and Vitamin D (2 a week) supplements as well. This morning I started on a daily dose of Metformin. I should have started on this last week, but the surgery didn’t send it over with my Folic acid and Vitamin D tablets, and nobody told me they were available to me until I checked the NHS app this morning. I had further blood tests yesterday, and tomorrow I should know the full extent of what lies ahead.

Anyway, this has prompted me to start making some lifestyle changes. The hardest part will be the fact that I’m going to give up alcohol forever. If I’m going to improve my lifestyle, it’s the first thing that has to go. I’ve moved over to sugar-free drinks in order to cut back on my sugar intake, and I’ve also made changes to my diet (no more takeaways or junk food). It’s going to be a long process to get my life the way it was, but I know that I’ve got the support of my friends and family who will get me through this.

I’ll be using this blog to talk about my diabetes experience in the coming months as well, and I should warn you that I’m going to be completely open about this, so apologies in advance for any upsetting content, Feel free to ask me any questions about it, and I’ll try and answer them as truthfully as I can.