A new home.

Welcome to robertfrancis.co.uk

If you’re reading this, you’ve found my new website. I’ve decided to move my blog from WordPress.com to a new hosted version, so I can play around with things, and try out some new ideas.

Anyway, how have we been? I’ve now had my second Covid jab, and despite feeling a bit rotten, it wasn’t that bad this time around. It’s just a case of trying to get back to normal.

The TV Live forum has been opening for almost 3 months now, and it’s been mostly positive. The support I’ve had has been incredible, and the site continues to grow daily.

Anyway, this new website. Looks swish doesn’t it? I’ve brought over all the old blog posts from the old site, and I’ll write something more substantial at some stage.

Until then, thanks for visiting. 🙂